Hi there! I’m Cecilia, and I’d like to welcome you to my botany blog. I am a third year Ecology student taking EEOB 2210 as my first formal botany experience. I fell in love with plants back in 2018 when I found the ‘In Defense of Plants Podcast’ and have been attempting to cure plant blindness amongst my friends and family ever since. My other passions / academic interests include reptiles & amphibians, ants, and science communication, each of which I am looking forward to pursuing more after I complete my undergraduate degree.

A Loose Interpretation of My Coat of Arms

Much like everything else on Earth, I am constantly evolving. This coat of arms represents who I was when it was made and to read it as anything else would be misguided.

  • In the top left quadrant, I drew two silhouettes to represent my two lovely cats Bailey & Spoon whom I love dearly. Between them was meant to be fern fronds, though to look at it as olive branches between the cats is much funnier. Beneath them are River Bulrush, one of the macrophyte species I worked with this previous summer, ants, which I currently work with in the Adams Lab on campus, and a frog, which I hope to work with in the future.
  • In the top right, is one of my favorite guiding quotes. I believe and hope to exemplify passion in everything I do, from my breakfast and morning walk to my class blog assignments.
  • The bottom left mostly features my hometown, America’s Rocking Roller Coast (Ride On). Its formal name being Sandusky, OH, but that’s less exemplary of what one could find there (Cedar Point, the best amusement park in the world). It also has a good fish population if you’re into that. I’m told there’s at least two whole species (I am not a fish person).
  • The bottom right is simply my major. I am eternally grateful for the freedom it allows me in my curriculum, and I hope I graduate educated enough to work a real job.